Vitakkasanthana Sutta

Vitakkasanthana Sutta

This Friday’s sutta discussion will be on the Vitakka-santhana Sutta (MN 20). In this sutta, the Buddha suggested five ways to remove unwanted thoughts.

MN 20 Vitakka-santhana Sutta

This will complement our earlier discussion on Upali Sutta and Dvedhavitakka Sutta. The former showed us the importance of mental actions in our cultivation while the latter showed us that the thoughts in our mind can be grouped into two distinct types – skillful thoughts (free from greed, hatred and delusion) and unskillful thoughts.

So, while we are now careful on the choice of our thoughts and focus, what happens when negative or unskillful thoughts persist? Perhaps a look into Vitakka-santhana Sutta will provide us with some answers.

See you this Friday. All are welcome.


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