Updates on Puja and Meditation Sessions

Updates on Puja and Meditation Sessions

Good news!

In order not to disrupt our weekly Wednesday puja and meditation practices, the committee has agreed to arrange for at least one committee member to open up the centre and continue with the weekly puja and meditation practices when I am not available.

This means that our weekly puja and meditation sessions will continue as usual every Wednesday at 8pm at the centre.

On those days when I am not present, one committee member will lead the puja, after which everyone practices meditation quietly on his or her own. On the second and fourth Wednesdays, when I am present, I will continue to lead the puja and give guided instructions on the meditation.

Our weekly puja and meditation will resume as usual after the Chinese New Year holidays. There will be no puja and meditation sessions in January.

With metta,

Dr. Ong

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