Year End Announcement

Year End Announcement

Here are a few announcements for the end of year activities:

1. Puja and Meditation sessions

There will be no weekly puja and meditation sessions for the next 2 weeks, i.e. on 28/12/11 and 4/1/12.

2. 24 Hour Metta

We will be participating in the 24 Hour Metta organised by the Aloka Foundation. Our session is on 31/12/11 from 4 – 5pm. Those who are joining us, please stay tune as we will be making arrangement to car-pool and travel together to the venue.

3. New Year Blessings

As usual, we have organised a new year blessings and dana. The event will be on 1/1/12 at our centre. We have invited Venerable Sri B. Saranankara of the Sri Lanka Buddhst Temple in Sentul for this auspicious occasion. All are welcome.


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