3G-GRATITUDE: Card Game For Cultivating Happiness

3G-GRATITUDE: Card Game For Cultivating Happiness

It’s gives me great joy to announce that KL Buddhist Mental Health Association (BMHA) is launching its first product, the “3G-GRATITUDE: Card Game For Happiness Workout.” This product is specially designed to cultivate gratitude & contentment for mental health & happiness in life. The ‘mind-gym’ game is based on ancient Buddhist wisdom & state-of-the-art research in positive psychology.

For a preview of the cards:

How to play the game?

1. There are 50 cards to guide you to recall the various things that you can be thankful for in life. Randomly pick a card from the 50 selections

2. Try to recall something that has happened today, recently, or a long time ago that matches the description in the card. For example, “Be GRATEFUL to Some-Body who has contributed to who you are today.” I will think of my previous school teacher who was kind to me

3. Try to be specific and elaborate on what we are grateful for in life. You can play this game in a group, and share your gratefulness with others. The joy of gratitude will multiply as we share it with others

4. Repeat step no 1 with another card. It’s OK if you are unable to recall anything that matches the description in a card. Just move on to another card. Practice this regularly, e.g. once a day before going off to sleep at night

5. As you move on with your daily life, try to count your blessings, and constantly look out for things to be grateful for as reminded in the cards

Besides for psycho-spiritual education, BMHA is selling the 3G products for fundraising to support its activities. You may support BMHA by purchasing the entire set of 3G cards, mug, T-shirt & bookmark at RM100 per set during our 3G talks. Come early as we only have about 100 sets.

Educational & promotional talks on 3G-GRATITUDE will be carried out on the following dates:

13th November, 2011 – Utama Bodhi Vihara, 9am
26th November, 2011 – Sentul Buddhist Temple, 2pm
25th December, 2011 – Nalanda Buddhist Society, 9am

Kindly let me know if your Buddhist centre wishes to organize a talk related to the above…016 396 9080


Dr. Phang Cheng Kar

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