Support Network for Theravada Women Renunciants in M’sia & S’pore‏

Support Network for Theravada Women Renunciants in M’sia & S’pore‏

Dear Venerables & Kalyanamitras,

It is with great joy that we announce the setting up of this network for women in Theravada tradition who wish to go forth. This is made possible with the spiritual guidance of Venerable Anandajoti, Venerable Saranankara and Ayya Upekkha from Singapore.

All these while we have been rendering support, in one way or another, to individual bhikkhunis, samaneris or 8 preceptors on an ad hoc basis, as and when the need arises. We are now working to consolidate our effort so that our service to them can be done in a consistent, collective and a more compassionate manner.

In fact, it has always been Venerable Saranankara’s wish to get them a centre which they can call their own, a safe place where they can practise and walk the path set out by the Buddha for everyone and which they have chosen.

We have located a temporary premise in Puchong for this centre to be named ‘Gotami Vihara’ which can also serve as a transit point for visiting bhikkhunis and local renunciants as there are a number of them who are overseas under-going training from their masters. They will be able to occupy it by early 2012.

We are so blessed that in our life-time, we are given the opportunity to help bring hope to women who wish to take the path and help the Buddha bring back the Four-Fold Sangha to this part of the world. We need your support to make this a reality. This will be the greatest gift we can return to the Buddha.

Venerable Anandajoti and Clarence Chai from Singapore have kindly helped set up this blog: Please feel free to view it and your feed-back and comments will be invaluable to us.

Kindly share this with members of your organization. My sincere apologies for this mass posting.

The following is the line-up of the Pro-tem Committee Members:

Spiritual Advisors – Venerable Saranankara, Venerable Anandajoti
Advisor – Bro. Lee Yu Ban

Pro-tem Committee Members

Chairperson – Sis Barbara Yen Yoke Wah

Secretary – Sis Ow Lai Fan

Treasurer ?

Committee Members

Bro. Wuan Thong Lok – Fund Raising (Assisted by Sis Judy Chua)
Sis Loh Lee Lee – Publicity (Assisted by Sis Amy Khaw)
Sis Marie Tungka – Management of ‘Gotami Vihara’ (Assisted by Sis Lim Guat Cheng, Sis CC. Liew)

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

With metta, barbara yen, 16 August, 2011


Wish List of things that well-wishers can donate


Buddha image, meditation cushions, table & chair, telephone, filing cabinet, fans, clock, door-bell, MP3 player, vase, incense burner, tea-light holders, potted plants

2 Bedrooms

4 beds, mattresses, pillows, bed-sheets, blankets, lockers, foldable tables that are fixed against the wall, chairs, fans, curtain


Dining table & chairs, refrigerator, washing machine, gas-burner, gas-tank, themo-pot, pots & pans, plates, cups, crockery, trays, tea-pot, beverages, food containers, first-aid kit, tool kit, fire-extinguisher

Bathroom & Toilet

Water-heater, bath towels, hand towels, clothes-line, pails, hangers, pegs, shampoo, soap, soap powder, detergent, brush, iron (if robes do not dry in time)

Sukhi hotu,

With metta,



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