Ending Suffering, Discovering Happiness

Ending Suffering, Discovering Happiness

Have you had enough of suffering?
Do you want to be free?

If so, surely you would have tried. Has it worked?

Do you “let go” by trying to forget unwanted thoughts and suppress unpleasant feelings?
Or do you try to “accept” the situation by submitting to and enduring it?
Or do you “face” it by fighting internally or externally?

Has any of that really freed you?

Ending Suffering, Discovering Happiness
4–12 June 2011
Meditation Retreat (4 days) Insight Workshop (4 days)
Santisukharama, Kota Tinggi,

Through learning and practice, Ayasma Kumara Bhikkhu realises that the Dhamma practice—when understood and done correctly—truly ends suffering or stress, and not merely “manages” it. We can start with any suffering we experience in our lives and work towards its ending by settling the mind and seeing things as they are. As we do that, we peel off the mass of suffering with its egoic attachments—layer by layer—and move closer to the complete ending of suffering.

Join this course to find out how. Download “attached” file (Adult Dhamma Course 201006.pdf) for details and form.

Closing date: 4 May 2011 (or when registration reaches 40)

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