Talk: Depression & Other Sufferings

Talk: Depression & Other Sufferings

KL Buddhist Mental Health Association will begin 2011 with the promotion of a talk on depression by Bhante Kumara at Bandar Utama Buddhist Society. Details below:

Topic: Depression & Other Sufferings: Understanding Why & Find Your Way Out
Speaker: Venerable Kumāra Bhikkhu
Venue: Bandar Utama Buddhist Society – map
Time: 8.00 – 10.00 pm

Talk Synopsis:

The session will be conducted in a talk show style. Reverend will address the following  FAQ’s by Buddhists suffering from clinical depression:

1. What is the cause of depression from a Buddhist perspective?

2. What is the Buddhist view on seeking help (i.e. counseling & psychotherapy) from mental health professionals for clinical depression? Aren’t Buddhist suppose to be self-reliant?

3. What’s the Buddhist view on taking medications for clinical depression? Since Buddhism emphasizes a lot on mental cultivation (bhavana), does that mean that taking medications for clinical depression is unskillful, a form of avoidance, and not dealing with the root cause of depression?

4. Is clinical depression as in DSM-IV (i.e. an illness) due to bad kamma?

5. How to overcome guilt & fault finding mind which are so common in clinical depression?

6. Is meditation helpful for depression? When it’s helpful & when’s it’s not? What are the do’s & don’ts? Is it better to take medication or meditate or both?

7. I have a lot of anger (part of depressive symptoms), i can’t forgive, i’m so useless…terrible! What should i do?!

8. I have thoughts of killing myself…it’s unwholesome, i’ll be reborn in hell…i know i’m not suppose to think like this but i can’t help…i’m really bad!

Speaker’s profile:

Venerable Kumāra Bhikkhu was ordained in 1999 at the age of 27 by Sayādaw U Revata at Subang Jaya Buddhist Association. Currently, he resides in Sāsanārakkha Buddhist Sanctuary (, Taiping, where he learns from Venerable Aggacitta Mahāthera and acts as his personal assistant. The venerable graduated with a bachelor degree in education (TESL) from the University of Malaya. It was during his studies there that he became enthusiastic about the Buddha’s teachings and decided that he wanted to live this life as a monk. Since then, with his training in education, he has been sharing the Dhamma in various ways and in several languages (mainly English, Mandarin and Hokkien) with Buddhists of various traditions and non-Buddhists too. Inspired by his main meditation teacher, Sayādaw U Tejaniya, Venerable Kumāra has been especially interested in spiritual teachings that show how to cultivate wisdom that removes the causes of suffering. Influenced by Venerable Aggacitta Mahāthera, he is open to Dhamma teachings beyond orthodoxy and tradition, so long as they work towards the ending of suffering. Having discovered happiness through this, he is happy to help others do so too.

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