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Analysis of Truths

Our first dhamma discussion for this year started with the topic “The Analysis of Truths” on 19 February 2019 (Tuesday night) at our centre. The sutta referenced was Saccavibhanga Sutta (MN 141).

In our discussion on Truth, we questioned ourselves on our own understanding of Truth, what read more

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My Unfindable Self, by Dr. Diong Kok Hui

I once set out to get rid of my self.

My self was causing all sorts of problems, or so I thought.

It was seeking.

It was suffering.

Telling stories of self-importance.

My sole interest was to be rid of this pesky self. All happiness would come to me, once I was rid of this damn thing, or so I thought.

But read more

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Personal Transformation: Transforming the Mind

All successful people succeed in life by improving themselves constantly. However, for the majority of them, their goal for personal transformation is for mundane successes, such as the accumulation of wealth (bigger house, better cars, more things to possess), power and influence. For the spiritual read more

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