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Right Speech: Study shows that little white lies may be bad for your health

ILLINOIS, Aug 9 — How to be healthy? Exercise, eat your vegetables, and refrain from telling little white lies, according to a new study.

In early findings from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, US, researchers studied 110 participants who were told to stop telling either major or minor lies read more

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Joyful Living, Healthy Lifestyle

Dear friends,


Aimed at promoting physical and mental well-being, Buddhist Community Alliance (BCA) is organizing a Health Programme from 10am to 4pm on 16 October 2011 (Sunday) at Nalanda Centre. This non-profit health event serves to create greater awareness on healthy living among the general public.

The Health Programme will highlight key health issues through public talks and an exhibition supported by Family Medicine Department of UKM Medical Centre (PPUKM) and the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. The event also strives to educate the public about the associated health and risk behaviours that may influence the quality of life for children and adults in later years.

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Public Talk: Cancer and Emotional Health

The monthly public talk organised by KLBMHA (Kuala Lumpur Buddhist Mental Healthcare Association) for August is as followed:

Topic: Cancer & Emotional Health
Speaker: Dr. Tee Bee Chin (M.D.)
Venue: Sentul Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple
Time: 3.00 – 5.00 pm

Speaker’s Profile:
read more

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Buddhism and Health

This is a summary of a workshop discussion on Buddhism and Health that was conducted at the WACANA 2011 in Nalanda Buddhist Society yesterday. The emphasis for this year’s WACANA is on familiarising ourselves with the Buddha Words, ie. the suttas in particular and the tipitaka in general.

1. Definition of Health
Health is defined as physical and mental wellbeing since a human being is made up of a physical body (rupa) and mind (nama). Mind here includes emotional health.

2. Buddhists’ Attitude towards Health
In the Dhammapada v. 204 as well as in Sukkhavagga (Dhp XV), it is said that “health is the greatest gift and contentment is the greatest wealth”. Health is therefore of primary importance for a Buddhist as a healthy body is the ideal vehicle to support our cultivation of the mind. Thus, physical health should not be neglected.

In the Magandiya Sutta (MN75), the Buddha pointed out that “even though I may be afflicted in body, my mind will be unafflicted”. This shows that it is possible to attain and have equanimity in our mind despite the presence of physical pain. In other words, physical pain may be unavoidable but mental suffering is optional, depending on how well we have cultivated our mind.

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