Sungai Long Buddhist Society

Sungai Long Buddhist Society was first conceived by a small group of residents in Bandar Sungai Long who were keen to learn about the original dhamma of the Buddha. In 2006, this small group started the centre at 7-1, Jalan SL 1/3, Bandar Sungai Long, with some dhamma discussions and meditation.

Eventually, parents began to see the need for a dhamma class for their children. Thus, Sis. Mee Yuen initiated the formation of the Sunday Dhamma schools.

As the dhamma-based activities became established, an application for the formation of the Sungai Long Buddhist Society was submitted to the Registrar of Society in mid 2006. The application took 3 years and was finally approved in May 2009.

Today, Sungai Long Buddhist Society has expanded. It now occupies 2 floors, one housing the main hall and the office while the other houses the 4 classrooms for the Sunday Dhamma schools. The expansion was made possible largely by the generous support of our members, supporters and well-wishers.


To create a close-knit Buddhist community in Bandar Sungai Long for  the learning, sharing and practicing of the Dhamma.


1. To serve as a base for Dhamma learning
2. To promote the application of Dhamma in daily life
3. To nurture fellowship through Dhamma-based activities
4. To initiate Dhamma awareness among the young
5. To play a supportive role to members and their families in times of need