Dhamma Talks

Dhamma Talks

  1. A Healthy Dose of Dhamma
  2. The Four Noble Truths
  3. The Noble Eightfold Path
  4. The Practice of Dana
  5. The Practice of Sila
  6. The Practice of Bhavana
  7. The 5 Hindrances
  8. Fundamentals of Meditation
  9. Anapanasati Sutta
  10. Mind Training The Tibetan Tradition
  11. Mangala Sutta
  12. 4 Nutriments of Life
  13. Right View
  14. What is Spiritual Happiness?


  1. Transforming Relationships through Mindfulness
  2. Dealing with Unwholesome Thoughts
  3. Mindfulness for Emotional Wellbeing
  4. The Transformative Power of Mindfulness
  5. Mindfulness to Enlightenment



  1. Living in the Present
  2. On Death and Dying
  3. Preparing for A Good Death
  4. End of Life Phenomena


  1. Dhamma
  2. Saddha
  3. Dana
  4. Sila
  5. Samadhi
  6. Panna


  1. The Buddha
  2. The Dhamma
  3. Buddhist Beliefs and Practices
  4. Meditation Basics

What is the Dhamma?

What is Spiritual Happiness? Niramisa Sutta (SN 36.31)

Staying Positive during the Pandemic – A forum organised by Nalanda Buddhist Society. (November 2020)

Hosted and facilitated by Bro. Tan Siang Chye, the forum has 3 panelists. The first was Bro. Benny Liow, who referenced the suttas on how to stay positive. The second panelist was Sis. Paru, who shared her personal journey and experience in dealing with challenges. And the third panelist was Dr. Ong, who spoke on mental strength and resilience.

Managing Anxiety and Worry (December 2020)

This is a talk given to members of Nalanda Buddhist Society in December 2020, as a follow up to the forum on “Staying Positive during the Pandemic”.

Mental Health Impact of Covid-19 (April 2021)

Organised by the Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia (TBCM) in April 2021, this is a medical forum on the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on our mental and physical health, including information on vaccination. The panelists were Dato’ Dr. Gun Suk Chyn (a physician), Dr. Phang Cheng Kar (a psychiatrist) and Dr. Ong Tien Kwan (a general practitioner). The facilitator was Sis. Low Mi Yen (a psychologist).

Metta – How to Cultivate Friendliness and Kindness (November 2021)

This talk is one in a series of talks on Buddhist Psychology, organised by BGF (Buddhist Gem Fellowship), KLBMHA (Kuala Lumpur Buddhist Mental Health Association) and TBCM (Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia). Interested participants for this Buddhist Psychology theme were mainly from Malaysia but there were also participants from other countries, such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and others.

Dhamma Talk (Audio)

  1. Mind that Heals, Mind that Hurts

Guided Meditation on Metta

  1. Loving Kindness Meditation (Audio only)

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