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Inner Peace: An article from Bro. Rob Moult’s class

Inner peace does not come from transient things such as wealth or fame. Inner peace comes from a purified mind.

There are three kinds of mental states:

1. Mental states that are unwholesome, unbeneficial and unskillful; these kinds of thoughts create bad habits that lead one away from read more

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Personal Transformation: Transforming the Mind

All successful people succeed in life by improving themselves constantly. However, for the majority of them, their goal for personal transformation is for mundane successes, such as the accumulation of wealth (bigger house, better cars, more things to possess), power and influence. For the spiritual read more

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An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

My wife, Mee Yuen, and I had the pleasure of conducting 3 sessions of EQ or Emotional Intelligence workshops with the youth group of Sungai Long Buddhist Society over the last 3 Sundays. The sessions were fruitful in that, through using simple tools like painting, we were able to allow these teenagers read more

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The 31 Planes of Existence

According to the Buddhist teachings, we human beings are not the only sentient beings in this universe. Sentient beings are, by definition, beings that can feel (sense) and perceive. In other words, they are beings with consciousness.

The Buddhist cosmology divides the universe into three main worlds. read more

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The Various Stages of Spiritual Growth

Within the human world, we have people in various stages of spiritual development. It ranges from one end of the spectrum to the other end. Historically, we can find people in all the spectrum.

To me, people in this human world can easily be grouped into the worldings and the spiritualists.

read more

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