Sutta discussion: Dependent Origination

So far in our sutta discussion, we have done:

1. How to recognise the dhamma

2. Saddha (Faith or Conviction in the dhamma)

3. Dana (Generosity)

4. Sila (Moral conduct or Virtues)

5. Bhavana (Mental cultivation leading to concentration or samadhi)

6. Panna (Wisdom)

These complete the Noble Eightfold Path of Sila, Samadhi and Panna.

Beginning this week, we will select suttas discussing on important topics and doctrines of the Buddha, such as the Doctrine of Dependent Origination, Kamma, 5 aggregates and the 6 sense bases.

For this Friday, our sutta discussion will be on Dependent Origination. Click on the link below for your notes:

Paticca Samuppada Vibhanga sutta

Below is also a summary of our previous discussion on Panna:


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