3G-Gratitude Card Game: Next Talk

The next talk on the above will be held in Sentul Buddhist temple on 26/11/2011(Saturday) at 2-4 pm. Kindly take note that it is at 2pm and NOT 3pm as announced earlier.

Since we have 2 hours, there will be more thorough discussion and exercises as compared to the one held at Utama Bodhi Vihara (UBV) recently.

Kindly help to circulate this & bring along your friends to learn how to cultivate Buddhist values such as gratitude, contentment, loving-kindness, appreciative joy & equanimity through skillful mean in daily life.


What I learned from Dr. Phang on how to be grateful:

1. Be grateful for the things that went right
2. Be grateful for the things that did not go wrong. These are usually things we take for granted, such as going to work each day without a flat tire or an accident
3. Be grateful for the things that went wrong but you learned something from it

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