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Buddhism A to Z

There is a buddhist website that I am happy to share with you. It’s called Buddhism A to Z and its URL is at

The purpose of this website is to offer concise and authentic information on Buddhist doctrine, the Buddhist perspective on various contemporary issues and subjects read more

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Public Talk: Cancer and Emotional Health

The monthly public talk organised by KLBMHA (Kuala Lumpur Buddhist Mental Healthcare Association) for August is as followed:

Topic: Cancer & Emotional Health
Speaker: Dr. Tee Bee Chin (M.D.)
Venue: Sentul Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple
Time: 3.00 – 5.00 pm

Speaker’s Profile:
read more

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Support Network for Theravada Women Renunciants in M’sia & S’pore‏

Dear Venerables & Kalyanamitras,

It is with great joy that we announce the setting up of this network for women in Theravada tradition who wish to go forth. This is made possible with the spiritual guidance of Venerable Anandajoti, Venerable Saranankara and Ayya Upekkha from Singapore.

All these read more

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Near Death Experience (NDE): A Sharing

(This is a sharing on near death experience (NDE) which I received from Bro. Punna’s mailing group. I find it interesting and would like to share it here.)

We at Metta Lodge in JB are very grateful that we had a speaker who willingly shared with us her Near Death Experience. While we had read about NDEs or heard about it, it was never in the first person, hence the opportunity to hear about directly and the opportunity to discuss and have fellowship with such a person was priceless.

Even more important, the speaker is not by family or training a Buddhist, hence to us this is an independent opinion, not one conditioned by what is tradition or education.

The speaker is a highly trained medical professional with post graduate qualifications and specialty practise, we respect her privacy hence her name is not mentioned. In the 16 years since the event, she had shared with only a select core; when she first woke up and related the experience, almost all told her that she had a very traumatic experience and that she should forget it!

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Some photos and livecast link to the recently concluded WACANA 2011 proceedings:

WACANA 2011 Livecast

Registration of participants

Participants awaiting the conference to begin

Uncle Vijaya welcoming everyone to the conference


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Dhamma Activities in August 2011

We will be having 2 events with Rev. Sumedha in the month of August. They are :

A. 13 August 2011 (Saturday)

1. Movie viewing “The Dhamma Brothers” followed by discussion

2. Lunch dana

Time : 9am – 11.30am

Synopsis: “The Dhamma Brothers” tells a dramatic story of human potential and transformation as it closely follows and documents the stories of a group of prisoners as they enter into this arduous program. It will challenge assumptions about the very nature of prisons as places of punishment rather than rehabilitation. Despite the difficulty in obtaining permission to film inside a prison, the Alabama Department of Corrections allowed a film crew to document, not only the Vipassana program, but many other scenes and settings revealing the daily lives of prisoners and staff.

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Reminder: Mindfulness and Awakening Relationships Workshop

The KL Buddhist Mental Health Association is organising the Mindful and Awakening Relationships (MARS) workshop at the Turning Point Integrated Wellness Sdn. Bhd. in Puchong in October 2011. This workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Tan Eng Kong (see his profile below) from the Metta Clinic in Sydney, Australia.

Since this is a relationship workshop, I would suggest that you see this as a way to practice, enrich and enhance your commitment towards a healthy relationship.

You can download the brochure for more details and to register.

Click here to download the MARS2011 brochure.

NOTE: There has been a change in the brochure regarding the payment method. Instead of writing out a cheque to Ong Tien Kwan (previous Treasurer of BMHA), kindly contact them directly for new instructions on how to pay.

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Buddhism and Health

This is a summary of a workshop discussion on Buddhism and Health that was conducted at the WACANA 2011 in Nalanda Buddhist Society yesterday. The emphasis for this year’s WACANA is on familiarising ourselves with the Buddha Words, ie. the suttas in particular and the tipitaka in general.

1. Definition of Health
Health is defined as physical and mental wellbeing since a human being is made up of a physical body (rupa) and mind (nama). Mind here includes emotional health.

2. Buddhists’ Attitude towards Health
In the Dhammapada v. 204 as well as in Sukkhavagga (Dhp XV), it is said that “health is the greatest gift and contentment is the greatest wealth”. Health is therefore of primary importance for a Buddhist as a healthy body is the ideal vehicle to support our cultivation of the mind. Thus, physical health should not be neglected.

In the Magandiya Sutta (MN75), the Buddha pointed out that “even though I may be afflicted in body, my mind will be unafflicted”. This shows that it is possible to attain and have equanimity in our mind despite the presence of physical pain. In other words, physical pain may be unavoidable but mental suffering is optional, depending on how well we have cultivated our mind.

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