Personal Transformation course

A preview on “The Personal Transformation Course” by Dr Ong Tien Kwan.
– creating awareness that will open up new possibilities for you

Date : 13 November 2010
TIme : 3-4.30pm
Venue : Sungai Long Buddhist Society
Enquiry : Sis. Cheng Sim @ 0123126122

About the course :

The Personal Transformation course is a self discovery programme that requires participants to consciously and courageously explore their own emotions, thoughts, behaviours and understanding of themselves and realities. It entails a commitment to change, introspection, honest sharing and group work. Participants meet once a month, usually on a Saturday afternoon, for 2 to 3 hours, for the entire 12 sessions.

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About the facilitator :

Dr. Ong Tien Kwan (M.B.B.S.) has been a doctor in general practice for more than 15 years. His experience in healing the physical body together with his personal interest in healing the mind and emotion has led him to learn various emotional and mental healing modalities from professionals in other areas of healing.

He has done extensive research to understand how our mind affects our emotion, behaviour and health, and has attended various courses and workshops to further enhance his ability to heal others holistically.

His passion is in helping others to transform their lives for the better through self-knowledge, love, forgiveness and heightened awareness. He believes that by healing our inner world of thoughts and emotion, we will surely manifest success, abundance, health and happiness in our life.

He presently runs his own successful general practice in a suburban community just outside of Kuala Lumpur. He incorporates his understanding of the mind and emotion in his practice, spending time to educate and counsel his patients, and has even used less orthodox methods such as meditation, hypnosis and past life regression on selected candidates to promote and enhance wholesome holistic healing.

Begin your self-discovery journey by attending the preview this Saturday!

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