An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

My wife, Mee Yuen, and I had the pleasure of conducting 3 sessions of EQ or Emotional Intelligence workshops with the youth group of Sungai Long Buddhist Society over the last 3 Sundays. The sessions were fruitful in that, through using simple tools like painting, we were able to allow these teenagers to explore, express and experience with awareness and understanding the various types of emotions that they were feeling.

Through these experiential workshops, we were able to introduce the concept of emotional intelligence to our young children, why it is important for them to be aware of their feelings, and how this awareness can in turn offer them a way to manage their emotions for more positive and desirable outcomes. They were also made aware of the link between their thoughts and emotions, and how these emotions in turn affect their behaviour.

Below is a short video on the essentials of emotional intelligence.


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